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Bashimi Art House Salzburg Gallery is pleased to announce the 1st edition of

Emerging Talents Group Exhibitions. Organisation displays recent artworks of

emerging artists from various countries in Abstract Painting and Landscape / Cityscape Photography categories , respectively.


Artists in this exhibition:

Abstract Paintings Group Exhibition  /  13 - 22 November

Sorin Dumitrescu - Graham Swain - Allison Elkins - Giuliano Giuliani - Keith Hall -Dilek Ozmen - Pablo Noguera - Annette Nielsen - Geoff Haines - Ferman Urhan


Landscape / Cityscape Photography Group Exhibition  /  24 November - 03 December

Sari Poijarvi - Jedsada Tangtrakulwong - Anthony Hanmer



Sorin Dumitrescu : Born in 1961, Mihaesti Arges, România .

 “ Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti is an artist of a ritual. Without understanding this metaphor we will not find the path that leads to the essence of his art. The ritual we referred to is made of ancestral elements of a thrilling anticipation and it follows a direction which is best suggested by Paul Klee's words: "I'm looking for a distant point situated at the origins of the creation and I feel a formula for mankind and animal and Earth and fire and water and air as well, as for all the gyratory forces that keep them all together ". All these things can be also found in the works of Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti.”     /    By Eugenia Florescu


Graham Swain : Read architecture at the University of Portsmouth, UK and studied painting at Portsmouth College of Art.

"All my work is created through an open process of contemplation."  / Artist Statement


Allison Elkins : Allison Elkins is an American artist living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. She was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1979.

“My work is the result of a constant struggle to reach a balance between uncalculated, fast, wild energy, and a carefully studied calm atmosphere. This process is both liberating and challenging, because there is always tension between these opposing forces.”  /  Artist Statement


Giuliano Giuliani : Italian artist based in Rome. Giuliano is a prolific oil and acrylic painter, well known for his colourful feminine figures and portraiture.


Keith Hall : Born in 1969, Horsham, Sussex, England.

“ When I work with a variety of colours and textures, I give way for indulgence, spontaneity and individualism which excites me when creating a painting commissioned or not, and my favourite tools are the syringe for controlling or not the flow of paint to the canvass, and the kitchen fork for removing and mark making. There is a regular pattern in my work of architectural horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, mark making and stressing the painted surface with tools, and using colour washes.”   /   Artist Statement


Dilek Ozmen : Born in 1970, Bartin, Turkey . Graduated from Gazi University, Department Of Painting in 1992, Ankara. She joined over thirty eight group exhibitions, opened sixteen solo exhibitions and holds five awards. She is a member of UNESCO AIAP Association Of International Plastic Arts (UPSD).


Pablo Noguera : Born in Valencia, Spain in 1974.

“I do not copy nature; I isolate fundamental qualities of what is real. In this case, Reason over Passion. One of the qualities that I need to show as true in this search for balance is the plenitude it contributes. I think that universe is plenitude. “  /  Artist Statement


Annette Nielsen : Born in Denmark 1967 .

 “ I couldn’t escape my destiny…I must paint…and somehow I always knew it! No right, no wrong! A feeling is always true to the one, who feels it!”  /  Artist Statement


Geoff Haines : Born in Bromley, Kent (UK).

“ Most of my most recent pictures have been collages, on board, using printed

paper and oil paint. My collages are formed from tearing up photo copied pictures

which I then partially reassembled into oil painted images.”   /   Artist Statement


Ferman Urhan : Born in 1978 , Bolu , Turkey. Graduate from Anadolu University Fine Art Faculty-Painting Department / 2004 . Worked as assistant of Beril Anilanmert and Reiner Seliger.


Sari Poijarvi : Born 1955 Helsinki . Received her MA from University of Art and Design, Helsinki in 1992. Her art practice in photography involves cities, sea and nature. Solitary places, square format and minimalism are key factors to her work. She aims to find a balancing act between the old and the new. The resonance.


Jedsada Tangtrakulwong : Born Bangkok, 1972. Works on experimental photography techniques.

 “ Shooting a photo without composing the image, capture the situation every

thirty seconds, set camera at one spot of the street and wait for actions. I try to

open up new possibilities to create an image. Most pictures are only controlled over

exposure time and rectangular format. “    /   Artist statement


Anthony Hanmer :   Born in 1967, Altrincham, UK . Active as a photographer around the world since 1978; sculptor and graphic artist since 1985 . Majority of his works are on documentary photography category.



Emerging Talents “ Exhibitions are managed by BachModern Project  , supported by Bashimi Art House and The Visual ARTBEAT Magazine.

For Further information , please contact Sebnem Basimi Holzer on + 43 (0) 650 424 42 43